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American Electric Power said it will close the 580-megawatt Pirkey Plant in HALLSVILLE in 2023. The plant employs 105 workers. The company also will stop using coal at a 1,053-megawatt Welsh Plant in PITTSBURG in 2028 and use a different fuel source. American Electric plans to continue operating other coal plants it owns by modifying them to meet a federal environmental rule requiring new ash handling systems. American Electric Power, Corporate Headquarters, 1 Riverside Plaza, Columbus, OH 43215-2372; 614-716-1000; https://www.aep.com/

UPDATE: Lilis Energy, Inc. is an upstream oil and gas company based in FORT WORTH. A Houston judge has given Lilis Energy approval on its bankruptcy plan. Under the plan, Lilis intends to sell all its assets, distribute the remaining cash to its creditors and wind up operations, according to a press release. The company has already announced a deal selling its assets to Ameredev Texas LLC. The company will reach the end of its bankruptcy on December 1, 2020. Any assets remaining when Lilis exits bankruptcy would be contributed to a trust that would liquidate them and distribute the proceeds. Lilis and its subsidiaries will dissolve when the bankruptcy ends. Lilis was based in Houston for less than two years after moving its headquarters to the city in 2018. But the company shut down its Houston office — along with an office in San Antonio, another former headquarters — in favor of a centralized position in Fort Worth in 2019, according to earnings reports from that year. Lilis Energy, Inc., 1600 West 7th Street, Suite 400, Fort Worth, TX 76102; 817-720-9585; https://www.lilisenergy.com

XPO is a provider of cutting-edge transportation and logistics solutions to companies in every major industry. On November 13, 2020, XPO Logistics Supply-Lancaster filed a WARN notice that it will be laying off 53 employees on January 10, 2021. XPO Logistics Supply-Lancaster, 2101 Danieldale Road, Lancaster, TX 75134; 515-265-6171; https://www.xpo.com/


Southern Newspapers Inc., a Houston-based media company, has shut down one of its newspapers, the Del Rio News-Herald in DEL RIO. November 18, 2020, was its last edition. The Del-Rio employees received the news on November 17. Southern Newspapers Inc. now owns 11 newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma, three of which are in the Houston area: The Baytown Sun, The Galveston County Daily News and The Facts in Brazoria County. By the end of April 2021, the company will not be publishing seven-day papers in any of its cities and towns. http://www.sninews.com/